From Me To You #1

Step One

To start with, what you need to do is have a look around your local area to see if there are any jobs. A key thing to remember here, is make sure if you see a job, that you will enjoy. Whether 6 or 1 job is available it won’t matter if you won’t enjoy it. If there isn’t then do NOT go for another job unless you have to because very soon it will become a chore. If there aren’t any obvious jobs , then use the internet to find somewhere local that you’d like to work at.

Step Two

Next, you have to contact them. Chances are, you found the business on the internet, or you can find them. Therefore there will be a ”Contact Us” page. If there is a phone number, I suggest phoning as a pose to emailing or facebook messaging or other sources of communication. The best option would be to go in person but I know as much as every other person, being that ‘mysterious’ person behind the technology is a lot easier. Once you’ve got in touch, you’ve done the hardest part.


If you hear any of these things:

”We’re quite busy at the moment”

”We’ll get back to you.”

”The person who usually deals with this sort of thing isn’t here, can I take your details, and they’ll get back to you soon.”

It generally means, that they have heard you, but they haven’t had time to really think about it. What I suggest is; keep phoning them, and if they have an email then email them as well. Now, you don’t want to contact them excessively over a short period of time, spread it out, but enough to let them know you are interested.


If they say they will phone you back, but they actually forget to. Don’t get annoyed, just phone them back or email to remind them, and say that you understand that they are busy.


Hope this helps you get started!!!



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Studying Immunology at University. Really using my blog to fuel my addiction to procrastinating.

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