From Me To You #2

Getting The Job

Once you have the job, the business manager/ ”boss” will get in touch with you.

When they tell you that you have the job, you want to act (I use the term act very loosely here) thrilled, but professional at the same time. You also want to make sure you are agreeing to hour that WILL suit you long term. Unless you are absolutely 100% sure you will enjoy the job, do not do it on a day that you normally do other things if you get the choice.

For example; if you normally go out with your friends on a Wednesday evening, and are free on Sundays, it would be cleverer to work on Sundays, in this scenario, because it will suit you better in the long run, and if you have a dull day; you won’t have anything to compare it with.

”Oh, I wish I wasn’t here; this is so boring. I could be with y friends right now. I wonder if they are having fun without me. Oh, what if they are talking about me!”

That generally isn’t  good way to go!!!

First Day

On your first day, you want to really suss out the job. In most fields, there will be  few weeks/days trial period. If after 2 weeks you realise you don’t like the job. DO NOT RUSH OUT OF IT!!! Also do not stay if you absolutely hate it. This can be quite a hard decision, because as it could be your first job/ or not, you may not quite know what you like, and you could just be having a bad day, so it could be better next time.

Your first day is also the best time to make good first impressions. Make sure you are dressed nicely, but appropriately. You don’t want to wear a suit to a stable!! You want to try and learn all/ most people’s names, as this will make them feel like they have made you remember their name. It can be awkward being ”THE NEW PERSON”, but after a week or two; and a good lot of effort on your part, and your colleagues. They will begin to feel like you were never new.

The skills the work requires. There are usually quite a lot of these. Your boss/ other person will help you on your first few days. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS! You may feel like this makes you seem a bit dumb, and the person will get annoyed, but I’m sure  they love questions. I means that you don’t want to get anything wrong, and you’re taking their work to heart.

Lastly, once your first shift is over; if you have learnt a lot, then I would suggest noting it down, either on the computer, or in a notebook. That way the next time you have a shift, just before, you can look over what you wrote, and have a quick reminder.


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