One Month In…

Exactly one month ago, I started working at the kennels for the first time. Since then, I have already learnt so much about how a first job works, and also how different dogs are! This week, I got there, and the dogs were already in the day-care. I had to feed the two pugs, and a the golden retriever (who looks regal). Once  fed them; I had to put them all in the same bit, and open the door to the outside. I MANAGED IT!! THE DOOR OPENED AFTER TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN I COULDN’T MANAGE IT! I’m going to take it as a sign of me becoming more used to being there, and I know what I’m doing. Once I’d fed those three dogs, I had to walk two Labradors. I was going to walk them both at the same time, but I decided against that when one nearly escaped and the other nearly pushed me over. I us3d my common sense and walked them one at a time. They were both good, and actually quite easy to walk by themselves. Then I had to walk the two lovely ”twins” from last week. The staffie (who sounded like a pig) and the scottie. Once again; the staffie was as adorable as ever and stayed as close to me as possible; and the scottie tried to always stay in front. I took them the woodland way by myself which I was proud of because I didn’t get lost. Then I had to take a big bichon fries to the day care. He, unfortunately got out of his room and literally ran around the complex with me chasing him. It was very funny :D. I finally got him into the day care and he got to ”mingle” with the other dogs. Then I moved the lovely, but scared Lhasa Apse to the day care. Last week, she was very nervous around the other dogs. To solve this, we had to separate the big dogs and the small dogs. Next I had to clean out the kennels. This wasn’t too difficult as I feel like I mastered the techniques last week; or the week before. I had to make sure the last kennel was especially clean as a new dog was going to go in it. Once I had done that, I sat and played with all the dogs in day-care. I love this part, as it allows me to play with the dogs without doing too much hands on work – unless the dogs are in playful mood :).


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Studying Immunology at University. Really using my blog to fuel my addiction to procrastinating.

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