September Weekend Work

Okay, so I’m not making excuses, but I was all ready with my post on Monday/ Tuesday. The next thing I knew, my laptop completely lost my post, I now am only going to tell you all about Sunday for two reasons:

ONE: I can’t remember exactly what happened both days.

TWO: It’s pretty samey what actually did happen.

Anyways… so I got there on Sunday for the morning shift. As per usual I first had to unlock the middle doors and basically pick a side to walk and clean. I felt kind of bad, but anyway… I picked the side that had the least tidying up to do. Especially as I didn’t like the look of one of the kennels on the other side.

Firstly I walked a deaf American Spaniel. To begin with, I felt weird talking to him (as I do to every other dog) but after a while, I honestly think he isn’t stone deaf and can hear on some level. He was done quickly, and he was so easy! Next I had to walk the young puggle. Yes, A Puggle!!!! It took me AGES to realise that it was a pug and a beagle cross. He was lovely, and his whine when I went into his kennel was absolutely gorgeous. Next I had to walk the boxer. Unfortunately, she had cut her tail playing in the yard. Also, her tail was like a whip, so even if it was healing, she’d whack her tail against anything, and it wouldn’t heal. She was easy to walk as all the other dogs are! My last dog to walk was the crossbreed. I have no clue what two breeds, she was. I know that she used to be a stray, and luckily she is now happy and safe with an owner. She can jump SO high for such a little dog!! As per usual; she was very tugging, and excited to get out of the compound. Once I’d taken her for a walk – and explored the woods a bit more- I had to clean he kennels. This was easy, and I did the usual… And I feel that I have worked out a proper routine to do that :D. Once I had done that, all I did was hoover the ”human things” and day-care in order to make it acceptable for Monday. Once I had done this… I still had 45 minutes until my shift ended, so I took the boxer and the crossbreed to the run. At separate times of course!! After that, I had to clean the American Spaniels eyes, and brush the other spaniel which sent her into zen mode.

That’s all from me for this week!


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Studying Immunology at University. Really using my blog to fuel my addiction to procrastinating.

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