The day to finish a week of working.

So, today was the last day I was to work until next Saturday! I went straight to the kennels and started walking the dogs. Firstly I walked the Chihuahua (who smiles), he was brilliant, but I find it very difficult to walk small dogs as I am worried they will get under my feet and I’ll squash them!

After him, I walked the beagle while the other girl walked the deaf spaniel. The beagle decided he was going to sum up a typical beagle’s behaviour and be an ultimate PAIN to walk! He barked at everything, pulled the lead quite dramatically and drank out of dirty puddles! I was actually glad when the walk was over!

Next, I walked a VERY young Labrador. He likes to lick your hands and then bite them. It’s not a hard bite, in fact – it’s more like a nibble. I took him for a walk, and I got thoroughly pulled around the woods! I was grateful to walk him rather than the loud barking beagle though!

After that, I walked a spaniel! He was extremely keen pull- which I knew from the other day. I took him down to the pen with the warning that it would be difficult to put him back on the lead. As he didn’t like treats, I took two balls. I got into the pen and locked the gate, letting him off the lead. He raced around smelling all the smells and getting soaked in the morning water on the grass.  After a while of throwing the ball and getting no response I realised that I should put him on the lead and head back. Yeah – easier said than done. After chasing him around the pen for five minutes he began to tease me. I would get close to him. He’d lie down and I would reach out to clip him on and he’d dash away. Finally I managed to trick him by stroking him and then he was properly lying down and I clipped him on. I’m not taking him to the pen again!

Then I walked the flat-coated retriever. As the big lead was being used, I had to use her short chained lead. I didn’t like this as much as it encouraged her to pull a bit more than usual, but she was as good as always!

Then I had to walk an Arrandale terrier while the other girl walked the boisterous labradoodle. He was brilliant and barely pulled, whereas she pulled LIKE MAD! When we were about halfway the other girl swapped dogs with me, so I had to walk the labradoodle and get pulled off my feet.

Last to walk for the day was a big weimaraner and a Labrador. They were both very cute and had slip collars (I think they’re called that).I took the weimaraner and the other girl obviously took the Labrador. We took them down to the pen and they both really liked to play with the ball. They were also very easy to get back on the lead!

After that I went and sat in day-care for a bit, until my shift was over.


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Studying Immunology at University. Really using my blog to fuel my addiction to procrastinating.

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