About Me

Background Information

I have always wanted to be a vet. Ever since I was little. Now, I never thought it would be an easy thing, but I NEVER thought it would take as much dedication as it does. I live In Scotland, which is lucky as there are lots of farms, and animal related businesses here. For months I have been trying to get work experience somewhere. Now, finally my time has come, my wishes have been granted, and it pays. I then decided to create this blog in order to help other people if they want to get a job, or experience, or even if they just want to read my story, as it happens.


Additional Information (It’s not relevant, but it’s about me)

I play the saxophone.

I fence (the sport with the ”swords” [correct term foils, or epees, or sabres])

I am going to learn the flute and I used to play the clarinet.

I have no social media.

I have tried to write a book several times, and now I have one in progress. Very slow progress….

I LOVE animals and I have a dog of my own called Penny. She is a golden retriever, and sometimes I feel like she is my best friend.


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