The day to finish a week of working.

So, today was the last day I was to work until next Saturday! I went straight to the kennels and started walking the dogs. Firstly I walked the Chihuahua (who smiles), he was brilliant, but I find it very difficult to walk small dogs as I am worried they will get under my feet and I’ll squash them!

After him, I walked the beagle while the other girl walked the deaf spaniel. The beagle decided he was going to sum up a typical beagle’s behaviour and be an ultimate PAIN to walk! He barked at everything, pulled the lead quite dramatically and drank out of dirty puddles! I was actually glad when the walk was over!

Next, I walked a VERY young Labrador. He likes to lick your hands and then bite them. It’s not a hard bite, in fact – it’s more like a nibble. I took him for a walk, and I got thoroughly pulled around the woods! I was grateful to walk him rather than the loud barking beagle though!

After that, I walked a spaniel! He was extremely keen pull- which I knew from the other day. I took him down to the pen with the warning that it would be difficult to put him back on the lead. As he didn’t like treats, I took two balls. I got into the pen and locked the gate, letting him off the lead. He raced around smelling all the smells and getting soaked in the morning water on the grass.  After a while of throwing the ball and getting no response I realised that I should put him on the lead and head back. Yeah – easier said than done. After chasing him around the pen for five minutes he began to tease me. I would get close to him. He’d lie down and I would reach out to clip him on and he’d dash away. Finally I managed to trick him by stroking him and then he was properly lying down and I clipped him on. I’m not taking him to the pen again!

Then I walked the flat-coated retriever. As the big lead was being used, I had to use her short chained lead. I didn’t like this as much as it encouraged her to pull a bit more than usual, but she was as good as always!

Then I had to walk an Arrandale terrier while the other girl walked the boisterous labradoodle. He was brilliant and barely pulled, whereas she pulled LIKE MAD! When we were about halfway the other girl swapped dogs with me, so I had to walk the labradoodle and get pulled off my feet.

Last to walk for the day was a big weimaraner and a Labrador. They were both very cute and had slip collars (I think they’re called that).I took the weimaraner and the other girl obviously took the Labrador. We took them down to the pen and they both really liked to play with the ball. They were also very easy to get back on the lead!

After that I went and sat in day-care for a bit, until my shift was over.


Just a few tails from a busy week!

This week, I have been working a lot. I worked Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!!

I’m going to set it up a little  different to usual as there is so many dogs and days, and quite frankly it will become a little samey.

So to begin with: there was a Labrador in her kennel. I went in to open the middle door, and the minute I closed the outer door, I got growled at and then as I was trying to calm this dog, then she barked at me whilst growling. I wasn’t too sure about this dog as I’d never seen her before, and I didn’t really want to get bitten by a dog that is nervous.

The rest of the dogs were good and I was particularly fond about a little cocker spaniel. She was very energetic and I couldn’t help being fond of her as she reminded me of my dog when she was younger.

Eventually over the week the Labrador warmed to me. The little Chihuahua was there again (the one who smiles, but it looks like he’s baring her teeth) and he didn’t want to walk too much, so when he didn’t want to walk any more. He simply stopped walking and whimpered at you.

On Sunday, there was a miniature disaster. At the bottom of the kennels’ grounds there are four stables and a field for the horses. Behind this field – separated by fences and a big gate – is the cow’s field. Turns out there were fourteen cows in the field. The other girl and I had to try and either get the cows out of the field (via the gate which was left open) or get the horses back into the stables. After getting the head collar for the two horses and putting these on two out of the four horses the plan was that the other two horses would follow. This went to plan until the cows began to charge down the hill too. It was so annoying because we had all four horses there and then the fourteen cows that spooked them off. After spending ages trying to call the horses down whilst keeping the cows away., we just had to go up and get them. There was nothing we could do with the cows, but call the farmer. After this experience, I’m maybe rethinking becoming a livestock vet.

I went to the kennels at 4-6 on Tuesday, and as I hadn’t been at the kennels during the weekdays I have never gotten true sense of how busy the day-care is! There must have been about 20 dogs in the day-care and she when I went into the room to talk to the man. We couldn’t talk over the really loud dogs!

If anything else happens either today, tomorrow or Sunday, I’ll write another post!!

September Weekend Work

Okay, so I’m not making excuses, but I was all ready with my post on Monday/ Tuesday. The next thing I knew, my laptop completely lost my post, I now am only going to tell you all about Sunday for two reasons:

ONE: I can’t remember exactly what happened both days.

TWO: It’s pretty samey what actually did happen.

Anyways… so I got there on Sunday for the morning shift. As per usual I first had to unlock the middle doors and basically pick a side to walk and clean. I felt kind of bad, but anyway… I picked the side that had the least tidying up to do. Especially as I didn’t like the look of one of the kennels on the other side.

Firstly I walked a deaf American Spaniel. To begin with, I felt weird talking to him (as I do to every other dog) but after a while, I honestly think he isn’t stone deaf and can hear on some level. He was done quickly, and he was so easy! Next I had to walk the young puggle. Yes, A Puggle!!!! It took me AGES to realise that it was a pug and a beagle cross. He was lovely, and his whine when I went into his kennel was absolutely gorgeous. Next I had to walk the boxer. Unfortunately, she had cut her tail playing in the yard. Also, her tail was like a whip, so even if it was healing, she’d whack her tail against anything, and it wouldn’t heal. She was easy to walk as all the other dogs are! My last dog to walk was the crossbreed. I have no clue what two breeds, she was. I know that she used to be a stray, and luckily she is now happy and safe with an owner. She can jump SO high for such a little dog!! As per usual; she was very tugging, and excited to get out of the compound. Once I’d taken her for a walk – and explored the woods a bit more- I had to clean he kennels. This was easy, and I did the usual… And I feel that I have worked out a proper routine to do that :D. Once I had done that, all I did was hoover the ”human things” and day-care in order to make it acceptable for Monday. Once I had done this… I still had 45 minutes until my shift ended, so I took the boxer and the crossbreed to the run. At separate times of course!! After that, I had to clean the American Spaniels eyes, and brush the other spaniel which sent her into zen mode.

That’s all from me for this week!

From Me To You #2

Getting The Job

Once you have the job, the business manager/ ”boss” will get in touch with you.

When they tell you that you have the job, you want to act (I use the term act very loosely here) thrilled, but professional at the same time. You also want to make sure you are agreeing to hour that WILL suit you long term. Unless you are absolutely 100% sure you will enjoy the job, do not do it on a day that you normally do other things if you get the choice.

For example; if you normally go out with your friends on a Wednesday evening, and are free on Sundays, it would be cleverer to work on Sundays, in this scenario, because it will suit you better in the long run, and if you have a dull day; you won’t have anything to compare it with.

”Oh, I wish I wasn’t here; this is so boring. I could be with y friends right now. I wonder if they are having fun without me. Oh, what if they are talking about me!”

That generally isn’t  good way to go!!!

First Day

On your first day, you want to really suss out the job. In most fields, there will be  few weeks/days trial period. If after 2 weeks you realise you don’t like the job. DO NOT RUSH OUT OF IT!!! Also do not stay if you absolutely hate it. This can be quite a hard decision, because as it could be your first job/ or not, you may not quite know what you like, and you could just be having a bad day, so it could be better next time.

Your first day is also the best time to make good first impressions. Make sure you are dressed nicely, but appropriately. You don’t want to wear a suit to a stable!! You want to try and learn all/ most people’s names, as this will make them feel like they have made you remember their name. It can be awkward being ”THE NEW PERSON”, but after a week or two; and a good lot of effort on your part, and your colleagues. They will begin to feel like you were never new.

The skills the work requires. There are usually quite a lot of these. Your boss/ other person will help you on your first few days. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS! You may feel like this makes you seem a bit dumb, and the person will get annoyed, but I’m sure  they love questions. I means that you don’t want to get anything wrong, and you’re taking their work to heart.

Lastly, once your first shift is over; if you have learnt a lot, then I would suggest noting it down, either on the computer, or in a notebook. That way the next time you have a shift, just before, you can look over what you wrote, and have a quick reminder.