September Weekend Work

Okay, so I’m not making excuses, but I was all ready with my post on Monday/ Tuesday. The next thing I knew, my laptop completely lost my post, I now am only going to tell you all about Sunday for two reasons:

ONE: I can’t remember exactly what happened both days.

TWO: It’s pretty samey what actually did happen.

Anyways… so I got there on Sunday for the morning shift. As per usual I first had to unlock the middle doors and basically pick a side to walk and clean. I felt kind of bad, but anyway… I picked the side that had the least tidying up to do. Especially as I didn’t like the look of one of the kennels on the other side.

Firstly I walked a deaf American Spaniel. To begin with, I felt weird talking to him (as I do to every other dog) but after a while, I honestly think he isn’t stone deaf and can hear on some level. He was done quickly, and he was so easy! Next I had to walk the young puggle. Yes, A Puggle!!!! It took me AGES to realise that it was a pug and a beagle cross. He was lovely, and his whine when I went into his kennel was absolutely gorgeous. Next I had to walk the boxer. Unfortunately, she had cut her tail playing in the yard. Also, her tail was like a whip, so even if it was healing, she’d whack her tail against anything, and it wouldn’t heal. She was easy to walk as all the other dogs are! My last dog to walk was the crossbreed. I have no clue what two breeds, she was. I know that she used to be a stray, and luckily she is now happy and safe with an owner. She can jump SO high for such a little dog!! As per usual; she was very tugging, and excited to get out of the compound. Once I’d taken her for a walk – and explored the woods a bit more- I had to clean he kennels. This was easy, and I did the usual… And I feel that I have worked out a proper routine to do that :D. Once I had done that, all I did was hoover the ”human things” and day-care in order to make it acceptable for Monday. Once I had done this… I still had 45 minutes until my shift ended, so I took the boxer and the crossbreed to the run. At separate times of course!! After that, I had to clean the American Spaniels eyes, and brush the other spaniel which sent her into zen mode.

That’s all from me for this week!


One Month In…

Exactly one month ago, I started working at the kennels for the first time. Since then, I have already learnt so much about how a first job works, and also how different dogs are! This week, I got there, and the dogs were already in the day-care. I had to feed the two pugs, and a the golden retriever (who looks regal). Once  fed them; I had to put them all in the same bit, and open the door to the outside. I MANAGED IT!! THE DOOR OPENED AFTER TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN I COULDN’T MANAGE IT! I’m going to take it as a sign of me becoming more used to being there, and I know what I’m doing. Once I’d fed those three dogs, I had to walk two Labradors. I was going to walk them both at the same time, but I decided against that when one nearly escaped and the other nearly pushed me over. I us3d my common sense and walked them one at a time. They were both good, and actually quite easy to walk by themselves. Then I had to walk the two lovely ”twins” from last week. The staffie (who sounded like a pig) and the scottie. Once again; the staffie was as adorable as ever and stayed as close to me as possible; and the scottie tried to always stay in front. I took them the woodland way by myself which I was proud of because I didn’t get lost. Then I had to take a big bichon fries to the day care. He, unfortunately got out of his room and literally ran around the complex with me chasing him. It was very funny :D. I finally got him into the day care and he got to ”mingle” with the other dogs. Then I moved the lovely, but scared Lhasa Apse to the day care. Last week, she was very nervous around the other dogs. To solve this, we had to separate the big dogs and the small dogs. Next I had to clean out the kennels. This wasn’t too difficult as I feel like I mastered the techniques last week; or the week before. I had to make sure the last kennel was especially clean as a new dog was going to go in it. Once I had done that, I sat and played with all the dogs in day-care. I love this part, as it allows me to play with the dogs without doing too much hands on work – unless the dogs are in playful mood :).

New Faces, Same Routine

This week, started as last week, I got dropped off, and it was pretty daunting as no-one was in eye view. I then saw another lady, but it wasn’t the usual ”boss”. It was weird then I learnt that she was the lady in charge for the day. First thing I did, was bring a border collie puppy in from the play bit, after he had eaten. He was barking and his ears were flying everywhere. he was so lovely! Unfortunately, he was too overexcited to eat. Then I had to let out a big dulux-like dog into the grass area. After that, I had to start walking the dogs. First off, I walked an absolutely lovely Lhasa Apso. She looked really scared of the kennels and she was shivering in her room. I took her to the day-care first to see how she’d get on with the other dogs, and for five minutes she cowered in the corner. I took her for a walk, to try and make her feel better, and she was perfect on the walk. Then, I got her back to the building, and tried to get her to go back into day-care and nuh-uh. Not happening. I had to put her back in her kennel instead. Then I walked the Dulux-dog. That was very interesting. He was good and well-behaved, until we got to the pen. I decided that because he was quite a big dog. I would take him to the pen to run around and play. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I let him off the lead, and threw around the tennis ball for a bit, and everything was fine. UNTIL, I wanted to clip him back onto the lead. He growled and bared his teethe at me. I t was quite terrifying to be honest and I’m not scared of dogs! I finally had to suck it all in, and tell myself that he was just playing with me. And just like that, he let me clip on the lead. It was weird.  Finally, my last dog to walk for the day, was with the other girl. I walked a staffie/bulldog and she walked a Scottie. To be 100% honest, the staffe made a sound like a pig, it was cute and funny to hear him snuffling on the ground. I learnt that there was a woodland walk behind the complex, and I look forward to trying that route next weekend!! After we had walked them, we were in the day-care. The staffie came again (the sheep, dolphin, monster noised one) and I was so happy to have him sit on my lap. Then the border collie and another shaggy brown dog (who was so light, she had so much fur)  were getting ”very close” if you know what I mean. I spent my last hour trying to keep these dogs from…  you know… I got paid again and I cannot wait till next week!!

From Me To You #2

Getting The Job

Once you have the job, the business manager/ ”boss” will get in touch with you.

When they tell you that you have the job, you want to act (I use the term act very loosely here) thrilled, but professional at the same time. You also want to make sure you are agreeing to hour that WILL suit you long term. Unless you are absolutely 100% sure you will enjoy the job, do not do it on a day that you normally do other things if you get the choice.

For example; if you normally go out with your friends on a Wednesday evening, and are free on Sundays, it would be cleverer to work on Sundays, in this scenario, because it will suit you better in the long run, and if you have a dull day; you won’t have anything to compare it with.

”Oh, I wish I wasn’t here; this is so boring. I could be with y friends right now. I wonder if they are having fun without me. Oh, what if they are talking about me!”

That generally isn’t  good way to go!!!

First Day

On your first day, you want to really suss out the job. In most fields, there will be  few weeks/days trial period. If after 2 weeks you realise you don’t like the job. DO NOT RUSH OUT OF IT!!! Also do not stay if you absolutely hate it. This can be quite a hard decision, because as it could be your first job/ or not, you may not quite know what you like, and you could just be having a bad day, so it could be better next time.

Your first day is also the best time to make good first impressions. Make sure you are dressed nicely, but appropriately. You don’t want to wear a suit to a stable!! You want to try and learn all/ most people’s names, as this will make them feel like they have made you remember their name. It can be awkward being ”THE NEW PERSON”, but after a week or two; and a good lot of effort on your part, and your colleagues. They will begin to feel like you were never new.

The skills the work requires. There are usually quite a lot of these. Your boss/ other person will help you on your first few days. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS! You may feel like this makes you seem a bit dumb, and the person will get annoyed, but I’m sure  they love questions. I means that you don’t want to get anything wrong, and you’re taking their work to heart.

Lastly, once your first shift is over; if you have learnt a lot, then I would suggest noting it down, either on the computer, or in a notebook. That way the next time you have a shift, just before, you can look over what you wrote, and have a quick reminder.

The longer I stay, the more I learn…

Okay, so last week, Wednesday I think it was, ”the boss” phoned me and basically offered me a part time job. Now that was mentioned last week when I was there, but no she’s phoned me, and bam. That kind of means it’s official am I right? So now, I’ve gone from only working (volunteering) at Oxfam, to also working part-time at the Kennels. Not that I am complaining because I have totally wanted this for a long time, and now it’s finally here. So, a bit of persistence and being slightly annoying, you an really go places.

It’s only my second day working at the kennels, but I already feel like I know what I am doing. I completely cleaned out four kennels. As there were two puppies, and a dog on medication, these dogs cannot yet control their bladder. In itself is a shame, but it gets less cute (as in awww that’s a shame) when you have to clean it up. So, to start with I took the row on the right hand side. There were 3 dogs in their ”rooms”. This was a little cocker spaniel puppy. He was tiny, and absolutely beautiful. He was barking when I first got into the back bit he was barking away to everyone. Almost as if he was like: ”Notice me, I’m lonely and scared. And I want to have some FUN!!!!”. I took him on a walk first, in order to try and calm him down. As he was so young, he didn’t have a collar. Just a harness. It was unbelievably difficult as he was wriggling around, and crying. He was jumping up, and eventually I managed to grab his front paws and strap on his harness. That should have been the hard part done, but alas, it was not to be so easy. I tried to clip the lead onto his harness, but it was not so easy, as he grabbed the lead in his mouth, and wouldn’t let go. So, I had to walk him whilst he walked himself. We honestly walked like that for most of the walk. Finally then, he got interested in something other than his lead and all of a sudden he let go. It felt like I’d gone from carrying rocks to a pillow. Although he still pulled I didn’t mind that, as he was a puppy, and it was about a billion times easier than his walking himself.

Once we returned to the building, I got his food, and took him to the outside run to keep him clean, whilst I walked the other dogs, and then cleaned his kennel. The next dogs on my list were a collie and a mongrel. I walked these last week, and they were here for another few days. I walked them, and they were easy.. The only thing was as there was two of them, the leads tangled around each other, but other than that it was easy. They went back into the outside room and I locked the door into the inside compartment, so I could clean later.

The next dog I walked was a cocker spaniel. Now, before I opened the kennel, I was told she was a ”puller” Now, I don’t have a thing against dogs that pull (my own dog pulls my arm right out of the socket sometimes), but the minute I opened her kennel I didn’t believe it. She was cowering and seemed generally scared. It was such a shame. Until I got her outside. It was like the minute she smelt fresh air, she completely changed. She pulled like CRAZY!!! We started walking down the hill (which is quite step), and then a rabbit hopped out about 5 metres in front. Luckily she ignored it. Then about a minute later, she ran straight down the hill, and somehow the lead came straight back to me. And it wasn’t attached to her collar!! I ran straight down the hill, my heart beating like an over excited rock song, and after a few minutes of chasing her I got her clipped back on. Thankfully. I then realised that I must have clipped the lead onto the name tag, which isn’t as stable as the actual collar hook.

Once I’d walked her, and my heart had started working normally, I started to clean the kennels out. But first, I had to bring the puppy back in, and into his outside compartment, whilst I clean the inside bit, because he and the other dogs were being too noisy. I first had to mop the floor in order to get rid of all the wee on the floor. Then I had to hoover, but first I decided to mop the other kennels first as I’d keep the mop out, then the hoover, then the windows. It just made more sense to me than anything else.

After a while, I’d done all the kennels, all my dogs were fed, and they had clean water. I then helped the other girl by taking a black Labrador puppy on his walk. He was very boisterous and I took him up to the pen. He fell in love with the tennis ball, and once we were done, he wouldn’t let me leave it down there.


After walking the first puppy again, that was me done, and I had ten minutes left of my shift. I went and got my wages!!! I honestly was not expecting them, as I would be happy doing it for free, and I absolutely love doing it. I got £12 which is absolutely HUGE!!!!


I am looking forward to next weekend again, I think my life from now on is going to be me looking forward to Saturday mornings. I only hope that some day-care dogs are in so I can sit with them.

From Me To You #1

Step One

To start with, what you need to do is have a look around your local area to see if there are any jobs. A key thing to remember here, is make sure if you see a job, that you will enjoy. Whether 6 or 1 job is available it won’t matter if you won’t enjoy it. If there isn’t then do NOT go for another job unless you have to because very soon it will become a chore. If there aren’t any obvious jobs , then use the internet to find somewhere local that you’d like to work at.

Step Two

Next, you have to contact them. Chances are, you found the business on the internet, or you can find them. Therefore there will be a ”Contact Us” page. If there is a phone number, I suggest phoning as a pose to emailing or facebook messaging or other sources of communication. The best option would be to go in person but I know as much as every other person, being that ‘mysterious’ person behind the technology is a lot easier. Once you’ve got in touch, you’ve done the hardest part.


If you hear any of these things:

”We’re quite busy at the moment”

”We’ll get back to you.”

”The person who usually deals with this sort of thing isn’t here, can I take your details, and they’ll get back to you soon.”

It generally means, that they have heard you, but they haven’t had time to really think about it. What I suggest is; keep phoning them, and if they have an email then email them as well. Now, you don’t want to contact them excessively over a short period of time, spread it out, but enough to let them know you are interested.


If they say they will phone you back, but they actually forget to. Don’t get annoyed, just phone them back or email to remind them, and say that you understand that they are busy.


Hope this helps you get started!!!


My First Day!!!

Okay, so I FINALLY started working at the kennels today, and it was AWESOME!!!! I met the boss and two other girls who work there. They were both lovely, totally down to earth and so helpful. First, they explained how to clean out the kennels. And to be honest, it’s not as hard as one would think. I personally thought it would be much… worse… than it is. Then one of the girls and I walked some dogs :D. Together we walked ten dogs and I got to meet each one! First we walked a labradoodle and a boxer. They were both lovely, and full of energy. The labradoodle likes to dictate where to walk. Then we walked four little dogs. Bcause Penny (my dog) is such a big dog (a golden retriever), I am used to just clipping on the lead and, hey presto, being ready to go for a walk. t was particularly difficult to strap each dog into it’s harness, but we eventually managed. I walked a Jack Russell and a Bichon Frise. While the other girl walked a Chihuahua who was absolutely gorgeous, and another Bichon Frise. I found, funnily enough that dogs that are hyped up inside are really calm outside on walks. I can relate this to Penny and the Jack Russell. After these four, we walked a pretty white husky. And a small black collie. Well! She was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! I honestly fell in love with her when I saw her. Her eyes were literally beautiful. (May seem a bit weird that I fell in love with this dogs appearance, but she was soooooooo pretty!!) Then lastly we walked a mongrel and a collie. They were lovely. Before I could go and play with the day-care dogs (which I couldn’t wait to do), I had to walk the Golden Retriever by myself. She is a very regal looking version of Penny (Golden Retriever). She sits still and her long hair makes her look royal.

Finally, I could go into the day-care! There were a lot of dogs, and I didn’t get all of their names. My favourite (which I shouldn’t have, but I can’t help myself) was a little Labrador puppy. He nibbled my fingers and later had to go for a nap because he was so young! i was honestly so tempted to bring him home, I had to resist the urge to just steal him! Later, I got to sit myself with an utterly lovely staffie. He whines and talks to you and he hates to be left alone. He sounds like a dolphin cross bred with a sheep mixed with a monster. No joke. The sound comes from his stomach . Then, in order to get close to you, he sits right on your lap. It’s honesty heart warming. There was also a ‘whippet’ but she looks like a whippet and a staffie cross bred to have her. She is very demanding, and barks when you leave the room. Her and the staffie are also escape artists, if you open the gate to get to the door a fraction, they will be able to get through and look at you like: ”Where to now?” Then a ridgeback something. She is a young dog. When her owner left, she ran around the room, jumped on the barriers, barked and whined. It was so sad to watch because I couldn’t distract her. (Except for a few seconds when I gave her treats).

This has really inspired me, and made me realise that the old saying is true:

”If at first you don’t succeed. Try and Try again.”

I phoned this kennel so much over 8 months, and emailed quite a lot, that way, I made them realise that I am deadly serious, and I am not messing around. I want to work with animals, I always have, and if it takes a bit of effort, I’m willing to put it in if it will hep me to go where I want to in life.