It’s facelift time.

Okay, so I started this blog a while back, and now I have realised I actually want something different to what it has turned into. I am going to spend the next few weeks trying to completely change the site and making it better suited to what I want from this blog. In the meantime, I will still be working and I have my dog at home, so by the time the layout has been fixed, I will have lots of stories.

For example yesterday I was walking a spaniel cross at the kennels yesterday and while he was lovely in the kennel – he was happy and just wanted stroked. When we were outside he nearly caused me to fall and land face first in the wet muddy ground several times. No matter how much I talked to him and tried to be strong/ forceful with him he kept over powering me. Luckily I got back without falling, but I now know that I will never match up to the strength of a dog who has their mind set to do something. Does anyone else experience this?



Okay, so I’ve been MIA for absolutely ages and for that I apologise. I shall keep up to date, and let you know how it all goes.

So, In August I will have been working there for a year! Unbelievably huh! This week I hardly did any walking – in actual fact I did none. As the weather was horrible, it was pouring (I don’t mind the rain, but my boss didn’t want to make me walk in it, I got to look after the dogs in day-care.) Whoop whoop!

The first kennel I opened was a 6 month old Springer puppy! She was gorgeous! Then I opened the other kennels and there were a range of other dogs – Labradors to a dulux dog as well as Chihuahuas. On the other side there was a poodle and spaniel cross puppy who was 6 months old, and a Cavalier King Charles Puppy who was 5 months. She was beautiful and looked like a tiny teddy!

As per, I had to clean the kennels. I have definitely gotten into a regular routine: hoover, mop, hoover again if it needs it. However this week I had two left hands and knocked over the bucket twice so there was a massive wet patch on the floor. Oops :D.

Once, I FINALLY had my butter fingers under control and I managed to finish cleaning I had to go to day-care. I was supposed to watch the big dogs, but I found if the puppies were left alone they barked. Thankfully all the “big dogs” were behaving so I could just sit with the puppies and play with them.

My boss had to g for half an hour and she put me in charge of “the front of house”. I had to watch for any customers, and either give them back their dog, or take in their dog. Only one owner came, and I gave them their dogs back. I am loving working there, and even though I have been working there for a while, I still love it as much as I did the first day!

One Month In…

Exactly one month ago, I started working at the kennels for the first time. Since then, I have already learnt so much about how a first job works, and also how different dogs are! This week, I got there, and the dogs were already in the day-care. I had to feed the two pugs, and a the golden retriever (who looks regal). Once  fed them; I had to put them all in the same bit, and open the door to the outside. I MANAGED IT!! THE DOOR OPENED AFTER TWO WEEKS AGO WHEN I COULDN’T MANAGE IT! I’m going to take it as a sign of me becoming more used to being there, and I know what I’m doing. Once I’d fed those three dogs, I had to walk two Labradors. I was going to walk them both at the same time, but I decided against that when one nearly escaped and the other nearly pushed me over. I us3d my common sense and walked them one at a time. They were both good, and actually quite easy to walk by themselves. Then I had to walk the two lovely ”twins” from last week. The staffie (who sounded like a pig) and the scottie. Once again; the staffie was as adorable as ever and stayed as close to me as possible; and the scottie tried to always stay in front. I took them the woodland way by myself which I was proud of because I didn’t get lost. Then I had to take a big bichon fries to the day care. He, unfortunately got out of his room and literally ran around the complex with me chasing him. It was very funny :D. I finally got him into the day care and he got to ”mingle” with the other dogs. Then I moved the lovely, but scared Lhasa Apse to the day care. Last week, she was very nervous around the other dogs. To solve this, we had to separate the big dogs and the small dogs. Next I had to clean out the kennels. This wasn’t too difficult as I feel like I mastered the techniques last week; or the week before. I had to make sure the last kennel was especially clean as a new dog was going to go in it. Once I had done that, I sat and played with all the dogs in day-care. I love this part, as it allows me to play with the dogs without doing too much hands on work – unless the dogs are in playful mood :).

New Faces, Same Routine

This week, started as last week, I got dropped off, and it was pretty daunting as no-one was in eye view. I then saw another lady, but it wasn’t the usual ”boss”. It was weird then I learnt that she was the lady in charge for the day. First thing I did, was bring a border collie puppy in from the play bit, after he had eaten. He was barking and his ears were flying everywhere. he was so lovely! Unfortunately, he was too overexcited to eat. Then I had to let out a big dulux-like dog into the grass area. After that, I had to start walking the dogs. First off, I walked an absolutely lovely Lhasa Apso. She looked really scared of the kennels and she was shivering in her room. I took her to the day-care first to see how she’d get on with the other dogs, and for five minutes she cowered in the corner. I took her for a walk, to try and make her feel better, and she was perfect on the walk. Then, I got her back to the building, and tried to get her to go back into day-care and nuh-uh. Not happening. I had to put her back in her kennel instead. Then I walked the Dulux-dog. That was very interesting. He was good and well-behaved, until we got to the pen. I decided that because he was quite a big dog. I would take him to the pen to run around and play. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I let him off the lead, and threw around the tennis ball for a bit, and everything was fine. UNTIL, I wanted to clip him back onto the lead. He growled and bared his teethe at me. I t was quite terrifying to be honest and I’m not scared of dogs! I finally had to suck it all in, and tell myself that he was just playing with me. And just like that, he let me clip on the lead. It was weird.  Finally, my last dog to walk for the day, was with the other girl. I walked a staffie/bulldog and she walked a Scottie. To be 100% honest, the staffe made a sound like a pig, it was cute and funny to hear him snuffling on the ground. I learnt that there was a woodland walk behind the complex, and I look forward to trying that route next weekend!! After we had walked them, we were in the day-care. The staffie came again (the sheep, dolphin, monster noised one) and I was so happy to have him sit on my lap. Then the border collie and another shaggy brown dog (who was so light, she had so much fur)  were getting ”very close” if you know what I mean. I spent my last hour trying to keep these dogs from…  you know… I got paid again and I cannot wait till next week!!

From Me To You #1

Step One

To start with, what you need to do is have a look around your local area to see if there are any jobs. A key thing to remember here, is make sure if you see a job, that you will enjoy. Whether 6 or 1 job is available it won’t matter if you won’t enjoy it. If there isn’t then do NOT go for another job unless you have to because very soon it will become a chore. If there aren’t any obvious jobs , then use the internet to find somewhere local that you’d like to work at.

Step Two

Next, you have to contact them. Chances are, you found the business on the internet, or you can find them. Therefore there will be a ”Contact Us” page. If there is a phone number, I suggest phoning as a pose to emailing or facebook messaging or other sources of communication. The best option would be to go in person but I know as much as every other person, being that ‘mysterious’ person behind the technology is a lot easier. Once you’ve got in touch, you’ve done the hardest part.


If you hear any of these things:

”We’re quite busy at the moment”

”We’ll get back to you.”

”The person who usually deals with this sort of thing isn’t here, can I take your details, and they’ll get back to you soon.”

It generally means, that they have heard you, but they haven’t had time to really think about it. What I suggest is; keep phoning them, and if they have an email then email them as well. Now, you don’t want to contact them excessively over a short period of time, spread it out, but enough to let them know you are interested.


If they say they will phone you back, but they actually forget to. Don’t get annoyed, just phone them back or email to remind them, and say that you understand that they are busy.


Hope this helps you get started!!!